Garret Clark

Garret Clark
Garret ClarkStandup Comedian
Garrett was 14 when he started taking improv classes at Toronto’s famous The Second City. He commuted from north of the city to take classes there every week, in hopes to network, and fine tune his comedic and performing talents. A couple years later when he was 16 and could drive, Garrett started showing up at the Toronto Yuk Yuk’s every Monday to watch the amateur night.

By the time he was 17, he had worked up the nerve to try stand-up. During his first few months of working open mic nights at various clubs, Garrett auditioned for a position as Network Host for The CBC’s, The X. Garrett beat out 500 hopefuls and got the role. The gig took him from Winnipeg, to Flin Flon, to Moose Jaw, to Yellowknife filming comedic segments with the local high school kids. Unfortunately Garrett’s time on the show was short lived. After only 6 months he returned to Toronto and picked up where he left off. Telling jokes in bars and comedy clubs. At 19, Garrett was hired on to work for the very company that he had trained at, and that many of his role models had graduated from. The Second City. He was hired on to act in the critically acclaimed, Tony and Tina’s Wedding. An interactive dinner theatre comedy that had been running in Toronto for many years as well as at Second Citys’ around North America, like Chicago, New York and LA. At 20, Garrett packed up and headed west for a change of scene. He moved to Kelowna, BC and was only going to be west for a short period of time. Or so he thought. Garrett had fallen in love with the west, and had discovered that there was in fact a Yuk Yuk’s “On Tour” room in Kelowna that had 3 shows a night. This fantastic news, coupled with the company of his sister and the beautiful surroundings was enough to get him to stay in BC for some time to come. He approached the bar manager Miriam to see if he could get on stage at some point. As luck would have it, Miriam was not feeling great that night and needed someone to MC the show. Garrett stepped up and was invited back, and back again.


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