CLEAR is a 501(C)(3) Nonprofit organization that is dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of canine lymphoma through clinical research, and as a resource to dog owners interested in prevention and treatment of this devastating disease.


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My Friend: Standing Strong on Canine Osteosarcoma

We are proud to announce that principal photography has begun on our next documentary My Friend: Standing Strong, a full-length feature on canine osteosarcoma.

Osteosarcoma (OSA) makes up about 5% of all canine tumors, but is by far the most common bone tumor of the dog. Signs of this aggressive bone cancer are subtle, such as minor lameness, a hitch in the dog’s gate, a bit of swelling and maybe even some joint pain. As in all cancers, early detection is important, so shining a light on symptoms so that owners can be proactive is one of the many reasons we decided to tackle OSA in this, our third canine cancer project.

Because of the aggressiveness of OSA, many owners are faced with very frightening choices. Amputation of the affected limb is quite often necessary, leaving owners in turmoil. Chemotherapy is needed due to the cancer’s high rate of metastasis. The average life expectancy with amputation and chemotherapy is about one human year, but the equivalent of seven dog years.

We want to show dog owners that there is more to this disease than amputation. Dogs are resilient and as some say are born with three legs and a spare. Osteosarcoma is not the end of the world for your dog, it is just a new beginning, whether it is amputation or limb-sparing there is a solution and an option for everyone.


Next Talk: April 15th, 2018
At VCA Canada Guardian veterinary centre, Edmonton AB @ 4PM



CLEAR and Veterinary Cancer Group of Culver City, Tustin, Woodland Hills and the South Bay have partnered in a mission to change the way pet owners view cancer and education is step one.


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UPCOMING: Strike Out Canine Cancer 2018

CLEAR is asking you to join us and be a part of our 6th Annual Fundraiser on November 4th as we go bowling to Strike Out Canine Cancer. This year our event is again at the World Famous Lucky Strike Live. Located smack on the corner of Hollywood & Highland, Lucky Strike Live has rapidly erupted from a hidden bowling alley into Hollywood’s underground entertainment hub.

Strike Out Canine Cancer 2017

CLEAR is asking you to join us and be a part of our 5th Annual Fundraiser as we go bowling to Strike Out Canine Cancer. This year our event is again at the World Famous Lucky Strike Live. Located smack on the corner of Hollywood & Highland, Lucky Strike Live has rapidly erupted from a hidden bowling alley into Hollywood’s underground entertainment hub.

Strike Out Canine Cancer 2016

What an evening! Our 4th Annual Fundraiser was a huge success raising over $56,000 to help Strike Out Canine Cancer.

Viva Dog Vegas 2015

What a success! CLEAR’s 3rd Annual Fundraiser #VivaDogVegas raised over $30,000 and is getting rave reviews. Well, that was the original announcement, but since then the numbers have gone up and we raised just over $34,000!



CLEAR is proud to support the research of Dr. Kristy Richards at Cornell University. She is working to better treat, and hopefully cure, canine lymphoma. Because lymphoma in dogs is less well studied than humans, the research tools to study canine cancer are less well developed. With the help of CLEAR, Dr. Richards’ group is working on making and characterizing these research tools, which will be available to the entire canine cancer research community after they are created. This will encourage and enable more research into canine lymphoma and hopefully speed the development of better treatments and a future cure for the disease.


A Reason To Change is a hybrid documentary/music video about the struggles faced by both human and canine cancer patients. We hope to increase awareness about the field of Comparative Oncology, in which cancers in humans and companion animals are studied together to develop treatments that benefit both. We’re currently in the process of submitting A Reason To Change to a few different film festivals to draw attention to this important cause. This hybrid documentary has already been named Best Music Video by the Los Angeles Film Awards and has been selected for the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards!


CLEAR is expanding, the future of CLEAR is bright and our reach keeps growing. To make this happen, donate, donate, donate!



Our second video, titled “A Reason to Change”, is a hybrid of genres created to highlight an important, but little known area in fighting cancer. With one part music video and one part documentary short, the piece highlights comparative oncology as we follow the story of a young boy and dog whose paths cross briefly, but their lives are forever changed.

So what is comparative oncology? According to the Puccini Foundation, Comparative Oncology is the study of cancer that naturally occurs in animals, and the comparison to its human counterpart in order to identify treatments and cures that can benefit both humans and animals. A key distinction of comparative oncology is that disease is never induced in the animals being treated; the cancer has only occurred spontaneously. Comparative oncology is not about animal research but rather sharing discoveries and fighting cancer together.

The project is directed by Stacey M. Zipfel, who also directed CLEAR’s groundbreaking and award-winning documentary “My Friend: Changing the Journey”.

Once again we worked hard to keep this a family affair, thanks to the help of friends and family. Our young boy is Director’s Stacey nephew Jay Patriarca and the younger brother of CLEAR’s Youth Ambassador, Maddie. Our dog owner is Caroline Van der Wyk, who, with her beautiful dog Bree Bree, stole hearts and gave many hope in My Friend: Changing the Journey. Rounding out our leads is none other than Founder Terry Simons’ dog Ripper.

We would like to give a big thank you to Veterinary Cancer Group not only for allowing us to shoot the interiors at their facility in Culver City, but for their support and unyielding commitment to fighting cancer.

What is a music video without music? Well, we have our own original music that was composed by Elias with lyrics written by CLEAR’s Founder Terry Simons and arranged by the incredibly talented Ted Perlman. The song was sung by Page Jackson of Mary Carves The Chicken, who did the original song for “My Friend: Changing the Journey”. We are very excited about this little documentary and hope it helps spread the word that animals, just like humans, get cancer, but by working together we can change the world.

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Back In LA Soaking Up The Cali Sun But Thinking About All Those Out Here Affected By The Wildfires. We Wanted To Share One Of The Many Organizations That You Can Give To And Help Those In… https://t.co/PI4AwEdA6l

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We received this call for Wildfire help.

PLEASE HELP!! The animals need us. Any donation of any size will be greatly appreciated!!!!

$1 and beyond. Every dollar is needed. Please help.


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Lymphoma is a cancer that affects a type of white blood cell called a lymphocyte, which is important to the immune system. Symptoms may include weight loss, not eating and lethargy. Learn more here:

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Strike Out Canine Cancer 2018…

We would like to thank everyone that attended SOCC2018 and for those of you who have shown your support over the last six years… It looks like we are finally starting to take...

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So glad to hear. Happy to be part of this great group. https://t.co/v1wolRWjO5

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Pacer is one of the sweetest dogs on the planet. He is super friendly, smiles, carries his own leash & loves to hold hands with our vet techs when he visits.

#k9lymphoma #goldenretriever

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Look at us go! Over $70,000 to help fight canine cancer. Thank you everyone! We couldn’t do it without. You drive us to do better every year! This allows us to fund two different research projects! @ProducerStaceyZ @VetCancerGroup