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Thanks to advances in pet cancer treatments, we’re hearing more tails of triumph. If you’ve got a story of success, we’d love to hear it!


Lucy was 10 years old when we were told that she had Lymphoma & a mast cell tumor. We were told that we could put her on steroids & she’d live another 6 months. I wasn’t about to give up so our veterinarian referred us to Dr. Robyn Elmslie. After the first chemo treatment, Lucy was in 50% remission & after the 2nd treatment, she was in 100% remission.

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Chloe was an once-in-a-lifetime dog. She was adopted in 2012 at the age of 6 and right away she became the “Mayor” of the third floor at the Town Hall in Lake Placid where she went to work every day with her mom. She greeted the public as they entered the third floor and was always eager for a pet or a belly rub or just to say hi.

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In November of 2016 our dog, Darby was diagnosed with bilateral anal sac adenocarcinoma. It was an incidental finding on a routine exam done at her vet, Georgetown Veterinary Hospital. We were devastated. Devastated wasn’t even a strong enough word. We had just lost one of our beloved cats to cancer not even two years prior.

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If you had ever told me I would do chemotherapy on my dog, I would have called you crazy.  That’s exactly what I did. Maggie was our first “child.” She was a beautiful dark golden retriever.  When we got the news that she was sick, we were devastated. We were referred to Dr. Gerry Post for a second opinion and treatment options.

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Mushi lives in Houston. She was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor at 6 years old. After a successful round of treatment, Maggie overcame her cancer. She’s now 7 years old and healthy as ever.

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At the young age of 5, our beloved Weimaraner Pluto was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Pluto’s condition downgraded quickly, he lost weight, would not eat, was lethargic and overall, he was dying. The stage of Lymphoma was at its worst and if we were to put Pluto down at that time, we would have considered it the right decision.

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In October 2014, Paddy was 11 and diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his heart.  We did not want to put him through chemo at that age and with a tumor in that location.  Our vet recommended going to a holistic doctor.  We did acupuncture and various holistic liquids and powders.  All of that increased his mobility and we believe kept the tumor stable as follow up echocardiograms found it to continue to stay the same size.

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Smith, Harry’s owner sensed something was wrong with Harry when he began having trouble walking and experienced body tremors, but he was originally misdiagnosed as merely having back and joint problems. But as Harry’s condition worsened, so did Smith’s fears. After Harry collapsed in the yard, an MRI confirmed that he had brain cancer. He was given just days to live.

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