We adopted our precious girl from our local shelter 11 years ago. The farmer who dropped the litter off said they were born on 9-11. That was significant to me since I was a flight attendant at the time. I did not rescue her…..she rescued me. She was our constant companion for 11 years. My husband and I retired right after we adopted her. She was always with us. Someone once said to me that losing a constant companion like this was worse than losing a parent. Most of us were not with our parents constantly before they died (unless they died when you were young). At the time I thought that was a little weird. Our house is quiet and very cold tonight. She warmed our life like no other being. She died of urethral cancer. We knew the morning she woke up and looked at us and clearly told us it was time…….even though she was eating and walking slowly. The tumor was huge. She was our first dog, so we kept wondering if we would know……..and yes we knew.