In June of 2019, my boy was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma, I was devastated!  One afternoon he was sitting on my lap, pawing at his mouth.  I looked and there was what looked like a broken tooth and a red blister.  Took him to the vet, he said we need to put him under to get to the root of the tooth.  They sent the growth to the lab, we waited 2 weeks, they said could be malignant melanoma, lymphoma or something else, it took another week to get the diagnosis, B-cell lymphoma. He started chemo in July, we had an awesome oncologist, he was so brave about it!  He continued competing in agility throughout the treatments, never missed a show, ended the year as the #3 Rat Terrier in AKC agility!

On 7/14/2020 he went in for his one-year staging, everything is CLEAR!  
I really want to thank Terry Simmons!  From the day of diagnosis to the one year mark, he has been there for us with his advice and support!!!

-Candy Clemente