We got our beautiful, sweet and gentle Roxie on Thanksgiving weekend in 2011 after a long drive filled with anticipation and excitement. She melted our hearts with her big brown eyes, love of cuddles and her gentle nature. We were blessed to have such a loving companion in our family but it was much too short. After a short illness, our sweet girl was diagnosed with gastrointestinal lymphoma and although we hoped she would rally after surgery, we had to make the hard decision to release her from her suffering. We will always remember you Roxie, your tender kisses, your soft fur and your funny slouchy way of sitting. You made us laugh with your crazy seal whiskers, the way you bounced on your front legs when you barked at the door, and the way you sat beside Benson, your puggy buddy. Jaimie was your best friend and you two were inseparable. We smiled when you hopped up the stairs like a bunny to wait outside her bedroom door every morning. We miss you terribly but know that we will see you again, our sweet puggy girl. You gave us so much joy and for that we are thankful. Leanne, Matthew, and Jaimie