Rex was a dog no one wanted. He was rescued from the Orlando animal shelter by a gentleman who wanted him as a “lot dog”. When they saw he did not have the personality for it. The gentleman opened the gate and let me go. He went from owner to owner until I took him last June. In the year and a half I had him we had FUN. One day I came home and somehow he got out. He was gone for nine days. I search all of downtown and finally found  him through a pet group. He was at the Orlando animal shelter again. I went and “bailed” him out.

On 9.3.20 I had to end his suffering from stomach cancer. He was and forever will be my baby boy. Rex we love you and will see you when I cross over. For now play with my other dogs and horses and a few cats.


Feb 28th 2017 to September 3rd 2020
-Ralph J Francis