Princess Sierra

Maybe her human didn’t know dogs get cancer.

Maybe they didn’t know how to care for her.

Maybe they didn’t care at all.

Sierra had cancer, and to make matters worse, she was found in a shelter and was left to die alone. Watch our video to see how Sierra’s luck turned around when she was found by her guardian angel, Nancy Koch, and later introduced to Terry & Stacey of CLEAR.

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CLEAR is honored to have partnered with Grand-Paws to make Sierra’s last days the best of her life.  Please visit them at

Sierra had beautiful eyes.  They weren’t just the eyes of an old soul; they were the eyes of hope.  To look at her, you could see her story.  She had been betrayed, she was in pain, she was heartbroken….but despite it all, somewhere deep inside she had hope.  Hope for someone to love her and that is what we did, for her six days and for the rest of our lives.  We couldn’t make up for all she had gone through and we couldn’t beat the cancer that had consumed her, but we did our very best to make her feel loved and wanted.  Nancy, Terry, Rita and I all have her pawprints.  I keep mine on my desk and it is constant reminder of just what I am fighting for with each documentary, each cancer talk and each and every bit of knowledge I manage to glean about cancer.  I think we all learned from this special dog and she continues to fan a fire under all of us to keep going and working to help dogs like her.

Her page in the Grand-Paws 2019 calendar says, “It is impossible to forget a dog that gave you so much to remember.”  There are no truer words about Sierra than that sentence.

She may have been thrown away once, but she will be our princess forever.

Stacey Zipfel, CLEAR

Terry Simons, CLEAR

Nancy Koch, Grand-Paws Senior Sanctuary