At the young age of 5, our beloved Weimaraner Pluto was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Pluto’s condition downgraded quickly, he lost weight, would not eat, was lethargic and overall, he was dying.

The stage of Lymphoma was at its worst and if we were to put Pluto down at that time, we would have considered it the right decision. Then came a referral to Dr. Post who examined Pluto quickly and provided us with options to treat Pluto. The initial goal would be a 1-year survival term. There was never any consideration on our part and we moved forward with the chemotherapy treatment.

Pluto quickly responded to treatment and showed signs of the dog we knew pre-cancer. Pluto tolerated treatment as if nothing was happening and one year passed with Pluto cancer free. The end result was Pluto passed at the age of 11 years 8 months, a normal lifespan for a Weim. Not for one moment did we regret our decision to treat the cancer and Dr. Post cured the pet that meant so much to us.

Canine cancer is not a death sentence and Pluto is proof.