Max was a wonderful little white ball of fluff when he came to our home at eight weeks and became a happy, playful and loving member of our family.

In the fall of 2012, he started having trouble hearing and seeing and didn’t seem to enjoy his daily walks as much, and then his appetite started to decline. Max was diagnosed with diabetes and I learned how to give him two daily shots of insulin which I found difficult to administer as  I was very concerned about hurting him when, in fact, I was actually trying to help him.

Max was losing weight and couldn’t even walk past a few houses along our street and we visited the Vet every few days in an attempt to help him and make him more comfortable, but it was not to be and I had to make the very difficult decision to end his obvious suffering and to say goodbye and let him go.  At the end, a large tumor was found which confirmed there was another underlying cause to all his health issues and one for which there was no cure.  I still expect him to greet me at the door with his tail wagging every time I return home.

Max was a warm, alert and loyal companion who gave us over 13 years of fun and joy and dedication.
He enjoyed his daily walks, socializing with friends’ pets, traveling in Canada and the U.S., loved his “cookies” and “treats”, and most of all, was simply happy to spend time with you and beside you.

Rest in peace sweet boy.  You will always be in our hearts and thoughts. I think of you every day and will miss you always.

Thanks for the memories and the good times. You were certainly a special “gift” to be treasured and enjoyed and loved … and we did.