Around March, Maggie had a slight cough. We thought she had a cold, so the vet gave her medicine. Her cough subsided and we thought she was ok. Around the end of April, the cough returned and it was terrible. So, she received more medicine. The medicine did not work this time. On May 2, we took her to
the vet and she gave Maggie a chest x-ray. To our disappointment, she had lung cancer. The doctor said she had numerous tumors and was surprised she had been doing as well as she was.  From this day, my heart sank.  Maggie was my little girl and my best friend. We shared everything together.  She was always there for me. We struggled with the decision of what to do. But, Maggie made the decision for us.  She looked at me with that cute little face and soft brown eye as to say, “Mama, I am tired and will be leaving you soon. Please be prepared and take care of me.”  We then decided to let her go. Today,  March 3, 2015, we lost our baby.  We let the vet euthanize her.  She had lost weight, constantly had trouble breathing, slowed down tremendously, and even stopped taking her medicine. I feel as if my heart is broken. She was my everything.  We released her from her suffering and she is no longer in pain. I know she is looking down on me saying “Good job Mama!  Thank you for letting me go.”  I just miss my little angel and will love her forever! We love you, Maggie! Mama and Daddy (Tracy and Hiram)