This is my sweet angel Libby, she was the best dog ever, loved life, especially if she had a tennis ball in her mouth. We enjoyed every minute with her and I miss her every day. Libby was diagnosed with osteosarcoma
November 12th, 2015, she was 12 yrs old, we opted to simply do radiation treatments to help with the pain, we kept her on the highest dose of pain meds and she lived 6months, pretty good 6months, we took her to florida
and we tried to make her feel like nothing was  wrong, we even modified the ball playing so that she could still have that ball in her mouth everyday.

We felt very lucky to have had her for 12 yrs. Her brother Jamie had a difficult time as well, I never heard a dog cry before but he did that day we had her put to sleep, he was very lonely and depressed, he is only 2, we’ve since gotten another rescue. Her name is Charlie, we use to say that the back of Libby’s head looked like uncle Charlie’s from my three sons, so to keep Libby with us in name we named our new addition Charlie. Libby will forever be in our hearts and every time I see a tennis ball I know she’s up there playing. We love you Libby, Love Mommy and Mommy and Jamie