It is never easy to hear of an untimely passing, but Darcy is and will always be a part of the CLEAR Family.  We joke about it all the time; those that involve themselves selflessly to our cause are part of the family and Darcy truly was a member of the pack; a brother so to speak.

I met Darcy through another CLEAR Family member, Anneli Hilton.  Right from the start, I saw an amazing talent, artist, photographer, and person, who gave of himself to make sure he got the best of what he was shooting.

When he was asked to photograph the cover poster for My Friend: Standing Strong he said yes, and don’t worry about it I got this… And he did.  He and another family member Erin Simmonds, with her dog Fisher, traveled three and a half hours to Elbow Falls in Alberta, where they spent hours finding the right shot for the poster.  They fought through the cold weather and the freezing water just to get the shot, and it is an amazing shot. It was Darcy’s eye that saw what he finally wanted to frame, and it is truly a masterpiece.

Many friends and family have had their dogs as well as themselves photographed by Darcy and each one is special.  Take a look at his work: it will make you laugh, bring a tear to your eye, or just cause you to pause at the wonderment of his composition.

Darcy, you will be missed by those that knew you, but you will also be missed by those that never knew you but looked upon your work and simply enjoyed the work of a master at his craft.

The CLEAR Family loves you and will miss you, as so many others will.

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