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There are multiple ways for you to participate for our annual Virtual Bowl-A-Thon, if you can’t not join us for our 6th Annual Lucky Strike Out Cancer in Hollywood.  You can just donate as an individual to our cause or create your own virtual bowling team by going to the following link on Mighty Cause, Clear Canine Virtual Bowl-A-Thon. The following are the key steps to setting up and being successful with a CLEAR bowling team. There is an initial setup for each and every team, Below outlines the steps needed and a reference screen shot as to what area we are speaking of.  You can view the how to video or use our step by step with the pop up images.

View Bowl-A-Thon teams:


5 Easy Steps to Create a Virtual Bowling Team


Setup an account when prompted – after you click the link below 

Once you are on the Clear Canine Lympoma Strike out Page.  Click on “Join This Team”.


Enter the Your Team Fundraising Goal Amount and hit “next”.

We gave examples of

Spare = $250,

Strike = $500,

and Perfect = $300


Sign in by Clicking on the Facebook Button and then click on “Next”.


Enter your team information into the fields listed in all the required fields. We recommend that you enter your team’s name, a photo or team logo,  a description about the team, and your social media so you can share our cause.  Once all the information are entered, you will need  hit the”Publish” button.  Mighty Cause will alert you when you have not completed all of the required fields. As always, please look at screenshots for reference.


Once launched you can share your link to your team across all your social channels to encourage donations. Our best method is to use the share buttons as a starting point.


SPARE @ $250

You are on a roll! For the first $250 raised the team captain will get a CLEAR T-Shirt


You ROCK THE HOUSE! The team with the highest money raised via the bowl-a-thon (as of November 3rd @ 11:59 pm Pacific) will be awarded the CLEAR top bowling team trophy.

STRIKE @ $500

Your on your way to a perfect game! When your team raises $500 you will get two (2) Strike Out Canine Cancer event tickets!


CLEAR has a great crowdfunding capability. The teams are a part of that service. When you click the link it takes you to the team signup page. The signup page allows you to control what you are raising and how you want to raise the funds! If you have any questions, please contact CLEAR.

Set your goal as high as you think you can achieve. The first place fundraiser will be crowned the bowl-a-thon top place team!

Please promote your team as you think is best to raise the funds you are seeking for your team overall. Social media via facebook, instagram, twitter, and other mediums are great ways to spread the word. You can also use the email system on the crowdfunding page for your team to send an email to your potential donor list.

The CLEAR event dates to set for your team should be the following.

  • Start date: Day of team creation
  • End Date: November 4th 2018

Absolutely! The funds raised via the team competition (and at any other time for that matter) are sent directly to CLEAR.

It is up to you! We would like to see as much participation as possible. We rely on folks like your self to help not only contribute to CLEAR, but to also help spread the word about CLEAR and its fundraising.

Please click on the team link above, sign up as a user, and setup the team!

After you signup, you can utilize the team site to send out emails and pre-load the team members you would like to join.

Team Setup: