What an evening! Our 4th Annual Fundraiser was a huge success raising over $56,000 to help Strike Out Canine Cancer.

The decision to hold the event at the famous Lucky Strike Live was a torturous one. Our first three events were geared more towards our grassroots supporters, the dog agility community, but we needed to expand and with the prodding of Director Stacey, we made the decision to reach beyond our grassroots. We went for it and with the help of Jen McMahan, Director of Sales for Lucky Strike Live we bowled a strike.

The swag bags alone were worth the price of admission, loaded with stuff for dogs and their humans! But it was the venue that made the evening. Being the worrier, I still had my doubts, but as people started to arrive, the place filled with energy. Bowling was a big hit, not to mention the passed appetizers and it seemed as though everyone got to ham it up at for a photo opportunity at Photo Touch!

I did my best to reach out to everyone, and I know I didn’t get a chance to see everyone, but I wasn’t worried, all were having a good time in the support of canine cancer. I relaxed and finally had my first tequila! That was really good!

The silent auction was slowly gaining momentum, and of course everyone loves a raffle, and why not, with baskets and items ranging from $100 to over $400! Even the staff of Lucky Strike got involved and bought their fair share of tickets. Holy Crap there was some good stuff to be had!

Not to let the evening’s fun and games be the main reason for being there, although I finally saw the reason for us to change venues, (thank you Director Stacey) everyone was there for a purpose, to Strike Out Canine Cancer.

We premiered our second documentary, A Reason To Change, a throw back to MTV’s music videos, albeit not exactly what you would expect, but the documentary-music video made an impression on many who attended, which is exactly what it was meant to do. To realize that there is a strong bond between dogs and humans when it comes to cancer, and how they can help each other really struck a chord with those who attended.

Then for me, the big event of the evening was honoring Dr. Mona Rosenberg with the Greg Ogilvie CLEAR Vision Award. She has tirelessly devoted her career, and life to fighting cancer and I could not have been more honored than to see her in her bowling shirt “TEAM CLEAR”! Mona we love you!

Thank you everyone for joining us, and thank you for those who supported us but could not attend. You helped us raise funds earmarked for Cornell University and Dr. Kristy Richards who is doing all she can to find better ways to test new drugs to find a cure for canine lymphoma.

One more thing… We are doing this again next year! Way Too Much Fun!

– Terry Simons


CLEAR is proud to support the research of Dr. Kristy Richards at Cornell University. She is working to better treat, and hopefully cure, canine lymphoma. Because lymphoma in dogs is less well studied than humans, the research tools to study canine cancer are less well developed. With the help of CLEAR,

Dr. Richards’ group is working on making and characterizing these research tools, which will be available to the entire canine cancer research community after they are created. This will encourage and enable more research into canine lymphoma and hopefully speed the development of better treatments and a future cure for the disease.

You can read more about Dr. Richards http://www.vet.cornell.edu/biosci/People/Richards_Kristy.cfm