We just lost our beautiful boy Boo-Boo to hemangiosarcoma. We are heartbroken.  He was the smartest boy who enjoyed his short life to the fullest and maintained his goofy puppyhood until the end,  He made an impression on all who met him, he came to work with his human mom every day and all who entered the office were greeted by Boo-Boo who put a ball at their feet, if they kicked it, he made another friend.  Some people came into the office, not for business, but just to see him.  Our business is geared toward the elderly and many would bring their grandchildren in to play ball with the big dog who LOVED children.  He happily traveled the 264 miles from our house to Maine every single weekend, he loved the beach and has many friends there as well.  He had this crazy way he played, a game he created, we named it “pushing” – he’d have one toy in his mouth and push a ball around, using the toy in his mouth as a “pusher”.  There were many times that a circle of people formed around him on Wells Beach to watch him play HIS game.  He welcomed everyone into our home and we always said he thought that everybody that came to visit came to see him. Our house is empty and our lives will never be the same.  Rest in peace beautiful boy, we love you with all our hearts.