It was a very sad day when we lost our best friend Annie, a 10-year-old Golden Retriever who wasn’t just a dog, but a real part of our family. She was the most beautiful and gentle girl with the biggest heart you’d ever met. She loved to take care of Jack, (our male golden retriever whom she had one litter with), cleaning his ears, and loved to lay next to him. She had a great smile, especially if she got in trouble, it was so funny. She was so loving, and she would come to me and paw me to let me know if she needed something. When they were pups, Jack couldn’t swim, hahahaha but she could! Then later she was also so ladylike when she got in the water and out. Always so gentle.

Our hearts broke when we found out she had cancer, but we vowed to fight this monster. Overall she seemed fine, but the doctors couldn’t believe she was still moving around and eating normally, they needed to get her into surgery. She had surgery to remove the cancerous tumor in her throat. She was such a trooper, you would’ve never guessed she had such a serious surgery. But unfortunately, the cancer spread very aggressively and Annie started to become very short of breath and had difficulty moving around. We miss her so much but know she is in a better place and is at peace with no suffering. We love you Annie and will see you again one day.