For well over ten thousand years, dogs have remained steadfast at man’s side as our loyal best friends. As dog lovers, it’s hard to hide the joy of having a dog in our lives. How can one not live happily, when we wake up or come home from our workplaces, only to be met with a wagging tail and smiling face? If you do not have a furry friend but you are thinking of getting one, you will be pleased to learn about the benefits that a dog can bring into your life.   

How Having a Dog Can Improve Your Life  

1. Help boost your mood dramatically  

If you spend about twenty minutes daily with your dog, you will feel more relaxed and calmer. This will reduce stress by allowing you to live a happy and healthy life. Playing with your dog increases the serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain. Both these neurotransmitters are associated with tranquility and pleasure. In the event you are thinking of getting a pet, choosing to get a pup could be the best thing you ever do.   

2. Encourage a healthy fitness routine  

As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to walk, play, and work out your dog. For this reason, you will need to get up from your couch to walk around your neighborhood or play in your yard. Being active encourages a healthy fitness routine, which helps in fighting obesity.  

3. Decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease    

Multiple studies also show that petting and talking to your pup will also assist in lowering blood pressure. By lowing your blood pressure, you can say goodbye to various illnesses related to the heart including life-threatening cardiovascular disease  

4. Dogs help patients recover faster from illnesses  

Research also suggests that people who have dogs tend to recover from illness faster than those who don’t. Multiple studies show that people with pooches who suffer from a heart attack recover about two times faster than those without.   

5. Dogs protect children from skin conditions and allergies

Unlike kittens (don’t hate me if you are a cat person) kids who grow up with dogs tends to have lower risks of eczema attach. Additionally, kids tend to have lower pets allergies when they grow up with dogs.   Clear Canine Cancer

6. Dogs are great companions   

Dogs have a heightened sense of sight, hearing, and smell. These attributes make them some of the most intelligent creatures in the world. Additionally, they are well known for their loyalty. Individuals with dogs know that they have a remarkable sense for human emotion, verbal language, and body language. This brings an unbreakable bond. Speaking of unbreakable bonds, most of us have heard of the story of Bobbie the Wonder Dog. Allegedly, Bobbie traveled 2,800 miles to return to his family after he was left accidentally abandoned across the country.   

7.  They can make your home more secure   

Dogs can also use their heightened senses to alert you of anything dangerous coming your way. Dogs can put a potential burglar at bay simply by barking. German shepherds, Rottweiler, and Scottish terriers are the best watchdog breeds. Another great watchdog is the Fluffy American Eskimo dog that alerts their owner when they suspect of something suspicious or odd.   

8. Dogs help increase social interaction

Taking the dog for a walk and out for playtime is simply not enough for your puppy. They also need to be socialized with others. While going out for playdates or to the dog park, dog owners also get a chance to meet new friends. When walking your pet it’s easy to meet others doing so, because you already have a clear common interest to discuss. If your dogs develop a liking to each other, you may also find yourselves as the best of friends. Additionally, dogs help you combat boredom. The list of the things you can do with your dog is never-ending. You can decide to take a trip to the park, run, play, train, or simply watch them chew a toy.   Clear Canine Cancer

9. Having a dog may save your life  

Did you know that dogs can detect the smell of cancer in our bodies? There are multiple stories where pups continuously licked and sniffed at lumps on their owner’s bodies that were later discovered to be cancerous. This coincidence has led to various researchers training dogs to sense cancer. These intelligent creatures can now be trained to detect cancer in under four hours. Early detection can be the difference between a life and death sentence. A pet dog could make that difference.  

10. Make an excellent service and alert animal  

Dogs are not only excellent companions but they are easy to train. This makes them great for people with disabilities. Additionally, dogs can also be trained to bring you medication, detect an approaching epileptic seizure, and alleviate stressful situations.   

11. Keeps your kids happy and active  

Families with dogs have reported that their children are healthy because of their active lifestyle. Your kids will play with your pup for hours. Dogs may also wake your child early in the morning, meaning they’re never late for school. A pet dog can also improve self-esteem in children and make their lives happier.

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